Vinegar – Household wonder

White distilled vinegar mainly ascetic acid and water according to Wikipedia. says: corn is distilled into corn alcohol; corn alcohol is combined with water and nutrients.  That combination is then fermented into white vinegar.  Corn! Who knew.

Heinz who have been making vinegar since 1869 reminds us that Vinegar is safe and versatile enough to be used around your home.

I agree, vinegar is great stuff to keep oh hand in your home for its multiple applications. 

Kitchen – Use as odor diminisher for strong foods (onions, garlic, cabbage, fish)heat about 1/4 – 1/2 cup in a pot on the stove for 10-15 minutes.  Add equal solution of water and vinegar, few drops of dish soap to spray bottle and use as inexpensive all purpose cleaner.  Wash fruit and vegetables, make salad dressings/marinades.  Wipe down counters to remove grease.  Remove mineral deposits from your coffee pot, by filling the reservoir with vinegar and running it through a brewing cycle (Heinz).

Furniture – Spay on furniture to stop cat from scratching it (

Bathroom – Spray on shower door and mirrors for a glistening clean finish.  Use as deodorizer. Combine with baking soda for cost effective cleanser for tub and shower walls.

Laundry – Use instead of laundry softener, use instead of dryer sheets for fresh smell (not perfumy) laundry.  Spray under the armpits of clothing before throwing in the wash.

Walls – Wipe down walls with a 50% solution to remove fingerprints, as well as odors (little known fact that our walls retain odors from cooking etc). 

Feet – everyone wants soft feet – combine 1 cup vinegar and 2 gallons of warm water; soak them in vinegar for 45 minutes.  Next scrub with a pumice stone.  (versatile No need to spend money getting a pedicure.

Kids – build a volcano with your kids.

And there is much more.  And the best part – it will leave your wallet much fatter.





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