Walk in Truth II John 2

Truth, we hear a lot of talk about it today and everyone seems to have their own version of it.  It appears that our society teaches that truth is relative and that the “ends justify the means”.  So just do what is right for you. As far as a belief that Truth can be ascertained by belief in the “Son of God” is to take away one’s freedom.

The early church had similar challenges.  Many false teachings abounded causing many to question and some to walk away.  The Apostle John starts out the letter with the word truth being repeated five times in the first four verses.  But what false teaching was the Apostle John trying to contradict. Well,  One such teaching asserted that Jesus Christ did not come in the flesh; did not die on the cross as a man but instead was a spirit and seemed to have a body and to suffer and die on the cross.  So what’s the big deal?  If Christ did not come in the flesh and die and rose again on the third day; we are all still in our sins.  You see “under the law everything is purified with blood and without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins” (Hebrews 9:22).  Which law?  God’s Law.

Further John instructs them to make sure that they do not endorse these false teachers.  This is a departure from John’s usual teachings about love;  but the ramifications of those false doctrines would be detrimental  if followed.

And Jesus said to him I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14:6).



Muliti- purpose Hydrogen Peroxide “a wonder”

Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide
I enjoy discovering everyday household items that have multiple uses. And hydrogen peroxide is no slouch.
It is merely water with 1 more atom of oxygen. And who doesn’t need more oxygen; but that is just the beginning
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that Expenditures for household cleaning supplies averaged $751 dollars to $865 dollars across the US during the year of 2011 up from previous years.
Proof that we like to keep living spaces clean. So when I came across this little beauty I was ecstatic.
Kitchen – washing fruit and vegetables, cleaning cutting boards, deodorizing and sanitizing refrigerator, whitening porcelain sink.
Bathroom- removing hard water scales, sanitizing and cleaning sinks, tub and shower floor and oh yeah killing mold.
Laundry –stain removing, armpit and dingy towel whitening,
Oral care – Breath freshening, teeth whitening, and tooth brush sanitizing.
Just to name a few. I love this product
I hope you are not sleeping on this one.

His Commandments are not Burdesome (I John 5)

Psalm 119:130 The entrance of Your Words, gives light (understanding)

In the Epistle of I John chapter 5, the author speaks of the love of God, is that we keep His commandments, and he quickly follows with “and His commandments are not burdensome.”

It made me wonder why the author so quickly followed up with that statement. Did the audience that he was writing to have questions about loving God? Were they challenged with keeping God’s commandments? Did they feel that His commandments were a burden? If so, what challenges were they facing in their daily lives that caused them to view His commandments in this way? Perhaps they were growing weary. Hmmmmm.

History teaches us that during the time that this Epistle was written, there was rampant persecution of believers and many false teachers were polluting the church; causing them to question whether or not Jesus Christ really did come in the flesh. Resulting in little faith, lack of trust in God and disunity among believers.

Sounds like today. The evidence is clear; the church is experiencing major persecution, many false teachers abound teaching deceitful doctrines and as far as unity in the body of believers; there is little of that.

But God sent us His “only begotten Son” and preserved His Word so that we may know that He gives us life and that life is in His Son. Instead of a burden, His commandments are faithful (Psalm 119:86), are better than gold (Psalm 119: 127) is a lamp and a light (Psalm 6:23) and reading His word gives me immediate understanding (Psalm 119:130

Soli Deo Gloria


Yeah, Fall is here

The air is crisp, days are short, kids are back in school, leaving ample time to mull over a hot cup of coffee, or tea (hot chocolate for the chocolate lovers).  Pumpkins, apple cider, candy, and costumes all tell us that a change is in the air.  It’s the sweet smell of Fall.  Temperature readings are now below triple digits; oh sweet relief.

Recently I went to the pumpkin patch with my 6 year old grandson. He is a treasure.  Pulling a red wagon we set off for adventure in the land of pumpkins.  He was amazed that pumpkins grew on vines on the ground and not at the grocery store.  Well, “how do they get to the grocery” he asked this and many other questions.  When we had finally selected more pumpkins than I could pull in the wagon; we set off for root vegetables.  But when we got to that section, there were no visible vegetables.  So, where were the carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes; In the ground of course.  “That’s why they are called root vegetables” (I explained to him).  “We have to dig them up”.  Now, if you are afraid of dirt all over your clothes, hands and face, do not go digging with a sick year old.  He is very enthusiastic about dirt.  We gathered all the vegetables we were able to pull up out of the dirt.  We were having so much fun, we didn’t realize that it was closing time until one of the farm hands came by to tell us the farm was closing.

The wagon was now too heavy for me to pull; so the farmhand offered to put it in the back of his truck and take it to the front for me.  Good, now the only challenge that remained was, getting back to the gate quickly.  Six year old’s are not known for speed.  Somehow, we made it barely before they were closing the gates.  As a reward for all of the hard work, we both had fresh apple cider (this farm is renowned for their cider), delicious.

Now what to do with all the pumpkins hmmm…

I know have the perfect excuse to bake sweet treats , muffins and breads; it’s the right thing to do 😉

Sunshine and Coffee

There is just something about the smell of a fresh brewed cup of java.  Even if you are not a coffee drinker.  The aroma tickles your nose, awakens the senses and energizes the body.  It’s hard to explain.  Is there anything  more exhilarating…than sunshine and coffee.    Sip, savor, smile and see.  Aaahh.

Well, that feeling can be topped.  Impossible! No way that can be topped.  Ok, ok, calm down.  Keep sipping, inhale deeply…are you calm?  Good.  As I was saying, what can top sunshine and coffee?  The presence of the LORD God Elohim.  Nothing, no place and no one can top basking in His presence.  

In His presence, I find joy, peace, serenity and yes excitement.  The permanent smile on my face is a result of HIM.  He makes me feel unbelievably happy.

As for sunshine and coffee; just added bonus.