Walk in Truth III John

III John
The Apostle is writing to his friend Gaius. Whom he declares walks in truth. Further he describes Gaius as being generous, faithful in caring for others, loving the church, supporting the brethren and encouraging others in their missionary work. Wow, what a commendation.
Gaius is contrasted with Diotrephes whom The Apostle describes as loving to have preeminence in the church and refuses to receive the brethren or provide them with shelter, food or other necessities. Diotrephes also forbids others from the receiving the brethren (visiting missionaries) by putting them out of the church. The Apostle declares this to be evil.
Gaius is cautioned to practice only those deeds that are good. For he who does good is of God (11)
Demetrius is another person mentioned in this epistle. Demetrius has a good testimony to all.
John ends this letter with the hope that he will see his friend soon face to face.
My takeaway is to walk in truth and practice those things that are good and not evil.


His Commandments are not Burdesome (I John 5)

Psalm 119:130 The entrance of Your Words, gives light (understanding)

In the Epistle of I John chapter 5, the author speaks of the love of God, is that we keep His commandments, and he quickly follows with “and His commandments are not burdensome.”

It made me wonder why the author so quickly followed up with that statement. Did the audience that he was writing to have questions about loving God? Were they challenged with keeping God’s commandments? Did they feel that His commandments were a burden? If so, what challenges were they facing in their daily lives that caused them to view His commandments in this way? Perhaps they were growing weary. Hmmmmm.

History teaches us that during the time that this Epistle was written, there was rampant persecution of believers and many false teachers were polluting the church; causing them to question whether or not Jesus Christ really did come in the flesh. Resulting in little faith, lack of trust in God and disunity among believers.

Sounds like today. The evidence is clear; the church is experiencing major persecution, many false teachers abound teaching deceitful doctrines and as far as unity in the body of believers; there is little of that.

But God sent us His “only begotten Son” and preserved His Word so that we may know that He gives us life and that life is in His Son. Instead of a burden, His commandments are faithful (Psalm 119:86), are better than gold (Psalm 119: 127) is a lamp and a light (Psalm 6:23) and reading His word gives me immediate understanding (Psalm 119:130

Soli Deo Gloria